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DeKalb Park District

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To connect the community, enhance the quality of life, and improve the environment, by conserving and protecting natural resources, and providing recreational and wellness opportunities for all members of our diverse community.

Sycamore Park District

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Connecting you to wellness, nature, and each other! With value placed on equity, transparency, sustainability, and connections, the Sycamore Park District enhances the community through outstanding recreational opportunities and green space.

Adventureworks of DeKalb County


Guiding youth in overcoming life challenges through adventure based counseling and education.

Soil and Water Conservation District

It is our mission to responsibly protect our healthy soils and clean water for all generations.

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Genoa Park District

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The Genoa Township Park District, through its staff, programs, services and facilities seeks to enhance the quality of life and the environment; to acquire, conserve and protect natural resources and to provide leisure time opportunities for the benefit of the citizens and families in our community.

Natural Resources Education Center

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We are an environmental education destination, focused on sharing natural resource knowledge with our youth and their communities for over 25 years.

Friends of Illinois Nature Preserves

When people are connected to their Nature Preserves, this leads to more resilient support for the conservation of the state’s Nature Preserves.


Sycamore Library


We are excited to partner with Kish Kids Outside to bring children and their

families outdoors to help improve their mental health and emotional well-being while providing accessible programming that promotes curiosity, exploration and learning.

Our mission is to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire the community.


DeKalb Public Library

DeKalb County Forest Preserve District


Our mission is to acquire lands in order to preserve, protect, restore and restock the flora, the fauna and the natural beauties of such lands, in their natural state and condition, for the education and recreation of our citizens.

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