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Childrens Outdoor Bill of Rights

With mindfulness to safety, every child in DeKalb County has the right to:


Explore the outdoors near home: Play outside, visit parks and open spaces

Adventure at night: Observe the night sky, take night hikes, go camping

Build skills for accessing the outdoors: Learn to swim,

use a map, be aware

Understand human impacts on nature: Learn, volunteer, and practice conservation and preservation

Experience the wonders of nature: Play in the mud or streams, watch bugs, smell flowers, climb trees, notice animal tracks, listen to birds

Play actively outside: Hiking, biking, running, fishing, canoeing, ice skating, sledding, and more

Engage with food sources and systems: Plant, grow, and harvest food, visit a farm or greenhouse

Learn about the history of local lands: DeKalb County wildlife, prairies, watersheds, and other ecosystems

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