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Browse below for a collection of resources, maps, and activities designed to help connect children, families, and communities to nature-based programming in accordance with the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights.

Also, check out our blog articles, calendar, and social media pages for seasonal activities and community events, like our Family Club and more! 


Explore maps for ideas and places to get active outdoors in DeKalb County!

Find local parks, forest preserves, and natural areas to play outside.


Experience Nature

marsh area with grasses and a pink bird

Experience the wonders of nature.

  • Notice the local plants and animals in areas surrounding your home.

  • Play in the mud or streams

  • Watch bugs

  • Smell flowers

  • Climb trees

  • Notice animal tracks

  • Listen to birds

  • Collect lightning bugs at dusk, release them at dawn.

  • Make a leaf collection.

  • Keep a terrarium or aquarium. 

  • Be a cloud spotter.


at Night

night sky and tent with campfire

Adventure at night.


Build Skills

map and compass

Gain skills for accessing the outdoors.

  • Build awareness, start small take time to look at the maps of any area you visit. 

  • Do a treasure hunt by drawing a map of your home or yard and add symbols for hidden items for children to find the items using the map.

  • Practice locating the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West)

  • Check the calendar for upcoming orienteering or geocaching events. 

  • One thing you can do to prepare for something new is to ask any questions! Fiind out the details about where you're going. How do you get there? How far away is it?  Will you be close to a bathroom or water fountain? What will the area be like? Will it be sunny or shady? Hilly or flat? How long is the trail? 

Learn to Swim Programs

Build Skills

Engage with Food Systems

farm land scene with barn

Engage with food sources and systems.


Understand Human Impacts

Hands holding the earth

Understand human impacts on nature.


Learn Local History

trails and trees graphic

Learn about the history of local lands. 

DeKalb County wildlife, prairies, watersheds, and other ecosystems.

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