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Meet our Board of Directors

Discover the inspiring leaders behind our organization!

Christine Lagattolla


As the founder and leader, Christine brings a lifelong passion for nature and outdoor education. Growing up in Mount Prospect, she developed a deep connection to the outdoors from an early age. Christine's extensive experience in outdoor programming, combined with her academic background in Digital Marketing, Educational Psychology, and Physical Education, drives her commitment to enriching children's lives through nature. As a DeKalb resident since 2005, Christine is dedicated to fostering collaboration, building relationships, and harnessing the power of community commitment to well-being.

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Emily Pollack


Emily Pollack's childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, from exploring Bartlett's neighborhoods to biking along the Fox River. Engaged in park district programs and ecological clubs, her passion for community and nature grew. Now, as a mother and volunteer, she actively promotes outdoor experiences and advocates for park access and wellness initiatives. Emily continues to cherish nature's beauty and encourages others to do the same, believing that everyone belongs in nature and in our community.

Ann Shult


After 26 years of teaching biology and coaching basketball, Ann explored various roles including veterinary assistant and STEAM educator. Now, as a certified Master Naturalist and canine massage therapist, she volunteers for organizations like TAILS Humane Society and Oaken Acres Wildlife Center. Ann also coordinates the Midwest Crane Count for the International Crane Foundation. With degrees in biology education and outdoor teacher education, she enjoys reading, gardening, and community science projects in her free time.

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Katie Drum


A long-time resident of Sycamore and DeKalb, Katie has always been drawn to the outdoors. From creek-walking in local forests to summers in Wisconsin's Northwoods, nature has been a constant in her life. With a background in art and marketing, she now channels her passion for conservation and community into her role as Board Treasurer of Kish Kids Outside. Katie is dedicated to enriching lives through nature and is excited to help shape the organization's future.

Amy Doll


In both her professional career and personal life as a mom of two boys, Amy has had a passion for connecting people with outdoor experiences for over 20 years. She loves to spend time biking, swimming, hiking, backpacking, creek walking and volunteering to care for Illinois natural areas. With a background in Parks and Recreation combined with years of experience in educating about and building support for the nature in Illinois, Amy is excited to build support for the natural areas in the community where she lives.

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