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Spring: A Season of Perspective

What’s in a name?  That which we call Spring by any other name would smell as sweet.

Ecological ☘️? Meteorological 🌌? Astronomical or Solar 🌞?

So when does Spring start? It all depends on how you reckon. If you see Spring as starting when you notice the "signs" 🌷 then you view the beginning of Spring through Ecological reckoning. And from what I am spying around DeKalb County, Spring has sprung!

We have lots of greening going on, flowers and other plants springing up, and our neighborhood wildlife 🐿️ seems to be just as happy as we are to be out and about in these Spring-like conditions. While we are familiar with the four seasons, some ecologists view the year as six seasons. So this ‘early Spring’ is reckoned as prevernal (pre-spring).

If you are a meteorologist, you say March 1 is the beginning because this makes it easier to compile data. Each season has three months, each beginning at the start of one month and finalizing at the end of the third month. Meteorological Spring runs from March 1 through May 31. 💫

And if you follow the solar movements and astronomical reckoning, you celebrate with the vernal equinox which occurs on March 19 this year. ☀️

However you reckon, there is no doubt Spring 🍃 has been in the air here in DeKalb County. 

We are excited to share more ways for you and your family to enjoy DeKalb’s nature spaces this Sunday, March 3. Come out to DeKalb’s Prairie Park and try your hand at Disc Golf. ⛳ Keep your winged 🐦 friends full of energy with a peanut butter pine cone feeder. Join us in kicking off Illinois Soil Health Week 🌱and jumpstart your garden by starting some seeds. And take a family hike through the park!

More dates to keep in mind:

  • Friday, March 1 sundown to March 2 sundown is Global Unplug Day

  • Kish Kids Family Club Sunday, March 3 from 3-5 p.m. 

  • The first week of March is Illinois Soil Health Week.

  • Daylight Savings Time is Sunday, March 10 - this is also the new moon, get outside and view those stars!

  • Check out our calendar to discover more local nature events.


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