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Awakening with the Spring

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

There is always so much to look forward to as the spring approaches.

The temperature warms and we find ourselves planning, cleaning, and feeling joy in possibility.

Despite concerning world events, this time of year we tend to be full of faith.

We begin to notice the noise and ceaselessness of nature around us as life awakens in our garden beds and tree limbs.

The ground is warmed by the sun and the earth weeps with joy turning into fertile soft mud.

The opportunity to spend more time noticing is here!

Let’s encourage each other to spend time outside in your favorite spaces and connect with the wonder of the season.

Take time to ponder this season on how can our commitment to being mindful about the nature in our lives help our children and our planet?

This spring is a time for awakening with the buds and the birds, a time for ceremony and celebration.

Let's set an intention together to celebrate the spring and spend more time in nature.
Here are some suggestions on activities to inspire and connect with nature this March using our Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights as our guiding principles.

Explore the Outdoors Near Home

Visit a forested area near your home. Look for seedlings of new trees. Find new pinecones and explain how trees spread their seeds with cones or seed pods.

Experience the Wonders of Nature

Search for signs of spring. Notice the details around you. What do you hear? Talk about what you think will change in the next month.

Adventure at Night

Take a walk after dinner in the evening moonlight. See what comes out at night. Look for signs of where local animals live such as opossums, raccoons, or owls.

Play Actively Outside

Make mud prints with boots or an old pair of shoes, with hands, or bike tires. Take time to plan and prepare for a messy but good time.

Build Skills for Accessing the Outdoors

Bring the kids to learn how to use a compass and practice using a GPS with a fun treasure hunt. Sign up for NIU Outdoor Adventures Geocache Workshop at Sycamore Forest Preserve Sunday, April 10 from 3-5 p.m.

Engage with Food Sources and Systems

Plant the first garden crop of the year sugar snap peas. Seedlings will arrive in two to three weeks and harvest in only six to eight weeks.

Understand Human Impacts of Nature

Go for a walk on your favorite trail and pick up trash. Or plan to join the Trash Squirrels for the start of pick-up season on the morning of April 9.

Learn about the History of Local Lands

Request from your library or purchase the book Prairie Numbers An Illinois Number Book by Kathy-Jo Warginby which tells children more about Illinois and entertains them every step of the way!”

Let us know what activities you have tried and enjoyed!


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