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Embrace the Untamed: Where the Wild Things Are

Spring has sprung, and Kish Kids Outside is thrilled to share the exciting lineup of outdoor and conservation events taking place in the DeKalb area this month. Join us for a month filled with opportunities to explore and connect with the wonders of the natural world right in our backyard!

Upcoming Events:

National Wildlife Week offers the chance to learn more about wildlife native to our area, their habitats, and how you can help them thrive. This week is also the National Wildlife Federation's longest-running education program, initially established in 1938, and is the perfect opportunity to teach your child about the incredible land and water animals around us. Did you know that up to one-third of U.S. species are at risk of extinction, and more than 1,600 U.S. plants and animals are categorized as threatened or endangered?! Educating our children about the wild world around us plants the seeds for a brighter future.

If you cannot join our April Family Club event or one of the April eco-friendly activities, here are some ways to celebrate with your little wild ones: 

  1. Channel Your Inner Animal or Relax with Yoga- frog jump, inchworm walk, or bear crawl for a bit of fitness, or celebrate International Kids Yoga Day (April 5) with fun poses the whole family can enjoy! Our favorites are the cat, cobra, and butterfly poses.

  2. Sustainable Fishing – enjoy the outdoors together with catch-and-release fishing! Explore our local maps for fishing spots in DeKalb County. But don't forget to obtain a fishing permit!

  3. Grow or Buy Native Plants- plant native plants in your backyard or in patio containers while teaching your child about habitat restoration and nature conservation. Native plants support pollinators and birds, but they also look pretty! Alternatively, you could supply your backyard animals with water by creating a small pond or waterhole for wildlife. Or consider installing a rain barrel to teach your little one about watershed health. Buy one here for just $50 to help stormwater management in DeKalb County.

  4. Volunteer to Help with Habit Restoration- You and your family may be able to assist with local land, wetland, and wildlife conservation efforts in the area. Check out volunteer opportunities offered by our Affiliate Partner Organizations.

  5. Adopt an Animal- Symbolically speaking, of course, lol. Your child will love supporting an animal to help them thrive in their natural environment or within a sanctuary. You can also watch LIVE wildlife videos together!

  6. Prepare a Vegan and/or Vegetarian Meal- The global livestock industry is the largest consumer of freshwater, which destroys forests and grasslands and causes soil erosion. Opt for plant-based meals and encourage sustainable living with your family. Get your kids involved by letting them pick the recipe and help with preparation.

  7. Simply, GO OUTSIDE! Create more opportunities for your child to connect with nature responsibly. Go on a hike together; take notes and photographs of what you discover. Taking your child outdoors for hikes and nature walks will spark their curiosity about the environment.

These are just a few examples of how to get your child excited about local wildlife and nature conservation. You can also participate in one of the many Earth Day Clean Ups happening throughout DeKalb County or create your very own.

As you embrace the beauty of April and participate in these wonderful activities, remember the importance of preserving our environment. Be mindful of nature and practice responsible outdoor ethics. Let's cherish our natural resources and #LeaveNoTrace this season.

Stay connected with Kish Kids Outside on social media for more updates and local nature-inspired adventures. Get ready to make memories and discover the magic of the great outdoors!


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