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💐Spring Bucket List 2024

Kish Kids Family Club

Upcoming Events 3-5 p.m.

Sunday, April 7

Sunday, May 5

Sunday, June 2

First Week Reminders

The first week of Spring hosts daily reminders to appreciate nature and your well-being!

Outdoor Spring Events throughout DeKalb County 💚

Visit a local park for fun activities-check out these resources to get out and about!

Playgrounds 🌱


Disc Golf ⛳

Cycling and walking trails and pathways 🚴

Dog Parks 🦮

Or play right in your own neighborhood 🐿️

  • Download the iNaturalist app and be a citizen scientist! iNaturalist is a free app that allows you to connect with nature, record your findings, share with other naturalists and even discuss your findings. Did you find some wild geranium or spy a Northern Yellow Sac Spider? Discover other sightings in your neighborhood! 

  • Take a walk and bring a bag for trash🚮

    • Have a grabber toy collecting dust? Bring it to help you and your family keep our neighborhoods clean and safe.

  • Start a nature journal.✍️

    • Take any notebook, or begin with a single page and add as you go. Chart the weather, track growth of plants coming up, document animal visitors. Encourage your littles to draw pictures, too. Upcycle some cardboard to make a cover that expresses YOU!

  • Draw a Nature Sound Map

    • Find something to draw on (hint the blank side of a used piece of paper, a flap of a cardboard box). Find a location outside to sit that you can close your eyes. Draw yourself in the middle or write your name to start your map. Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? A bird? What direction is it coming from-is it behind you? Draw a bird on your map. How many sounds can you draw? Take your time and check this activity out for more details.

  • Back in January, Kish Kids Outside highlighted DeKalb Library STEM kits that you can check out to use. Sycamore Library also has kits to check out-and you can use your library card at BOTH libraries! Some include binoculars or pocket microscopes, and all include many ways to learn about the natural world! And soon the DeKalb Park District will have STEM backpacks to check out and use in the parks, too! Stay tuned, we are creating a webpage with all the details.

Show the Earth 🌏some extra care this April and every month!

Some more fun dates to celebrate🥳

Spring sky events 💫

Head out to enjoy the stars on these new moon dates.

🌚Monday, April 8 (Head to the NIU Observatory on Monday nights!)

🌚Tuesday, May 7

🌚Thursday, June 6


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